Dr. Morton Rainy…..and Joshua Poulette

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    “Pall Bearers and Ring Bearers”

I would sing a sad song on a wedding day, sing a happy song a funeral day. Ring bearers and pall bearers would hide the tapping to the vocal tune. My cords would swell and make the clouds hang low. Singing the saddest song and the happiest of days will put a smile on this gloom of doom face.

-Dr. Morton Rainy-



3 thoughts on “Dr. Morton Rainy…..and Joshua Poulette

  1. Morton/Joshua Poulette, Patrick, Scott Thomas Outlar, Leah, Darrin, a few others from “Notes From the Edge” and associated pages with a Gonzo tongue are some of my favorite writers. I miss you ladies and gentlemen. Scott, congrats on all the success and Patrick- I hope we can talk again one day. As for the Whiteheads and the remaining Thompsons, see you on the other side of humanity…preferably in Iceland or Colorado.

    To anyone who CAN follow, I hope you can continue to read what anyone on this site or 17numa have to write. They are all brilliant in their own selfish, or sadistic, but beautiful, courageous and mystic ways.

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