Matthew Borczon




it’s a
college town
with a
fake lake
by dairy farms

it’s skinny kids
who will
need college
to get
jobs to
save land
their families
owned for

its home
to one
of the
first recorded
school shootings
in America

an 8th grade
student shoots
a teacher
the head
at the
graduation dance
while kids were
close dancing
to the
theme from

the air
is full of
diesel smoke
and brown
dust from
dirt roads
the smell
of manure
blue misery
and secrets
kept inside
of dark trailers

its functional
and co dependence

it’s a place
to want
to leave.




there were
so many
bullet holes
in her
street sign
you couldn’t
read it

her step
dad poached
deer to
feed the
family in

her dog
had only
one eye
and her
brother was
discharged from
the army

I never
where she
cut herself
until after
I found
the bottle
full of
blood under
the couch

I’m still
not sure
I was


Gabe 3

I didn’t
know what
was back
then and
I don’t
think Gabe
knew either
but we
think he
must have
had it

right up
until the
night he
a girl
into NY
he was
sure she
was in
love with
him and
her father
shot him
3 times
in the
chest as
he tried
to convince



Matthew Borczon is a writer from Erie, Pa. His work has appeared in many small press journals including Dead snakes, Rasputin, Dissident voice, Revolution John, Hobo Camp review, Drunk in a midnight choir, Anti heroin chic, the Yellow Chair review, Busted dharma , 1947,  Zero Dark Thirty. His chapbook A Clock of Human Bones won the Yellow Chair Review Chapbook contest in 2015. He is married with 4 children.

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