Joshua Poulette



poulette pic

“When the Wild Tail Came Around”

Crying when he came around, they knew the whip was to follow. He smiled when they cried, knowing it was because of his presence. Master snickered when their eyes widened, his flared. They swore steam jetted from his nostrils. The man with the whip swore he would break them, the slaves swore they would over take him. Singer’s voice raised as his hand did, there was scream to accompany the sound barrier being broken. A grunt t heavy breathes, yells smothered for help. Smacks of flesh, snaps of wood connecting with a head, blood covered a majority of them. They were brightly painted with relief, the slaves cloaked with murder of another. New life for them. The devil bastard would be left behind for the other slavers to find. Scars and chains boats and waves, lashings to deadly breathes. These were what they held on to taking themselves stronger. Some slaves didn’t make it while the other had no choice to keep running. They were thankful to have an underground freedom given by kind loving hands. 2016: Do people still look for underground freedom?

-DR. Morton Rainy-


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