Martin Chan

Good People


Sometimes it’s hard to pray,

Sometime it’s hard to stay grateful,

It’s painful, hurts so bad,

Sometimes it’s hard to breathe,

It’s hard to keep going,

We keep holding on what we could have been


But we’ll get by,

We’ll see the light,

At the dawn,

When the sun rises,

It’s gonna be alright,

The Circumstance is always in the plan,

Even if we don’t fully understand

why the bad things always happened on good people.








It’s a new generation, welcome to modern love,

It’s a new revolution, just do you what you want,

Just because I got a brand new perspective,

I don’t really give a damn who knows,

So put your hands on my Versace,

Cause I wanna feel you up under my clothes.




Cry of The Kids



They all say you are the symbol of justice,

They all say you come here to show your role of World Police,

But what you brought is just illimitable chaos,

People evil still oppress us to extract his ransom,

People innocent lay on the desolate ground, waiting for their demise,

Is that your justice?

Or maybe we don’t deserve to live?

Cause we’re doleful kids,

Surviving under your so-called abominable gentry.

Standing on the debris,

I felt really vacant.

If that is your so-called justice,

I would rather corrupt.




Martin Chan is a foreign student who is dedicated to express his emotion through poets. He is now a 10th grader studying in high school.


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