Matthew Borczon




on the

day Wanda

hung herself

the ice


the sidewalk

and her

car wouldn’t

start she

was broke

hungry and

Zeke had

been dead

9 years

to the


so she

opened the

windows in

the hope

that the

cold would

keep the

smell down

until the

spring thaw

when maybe


would find







used to

get beat

by his

dad for


any reason

bruises on

his back

and legs

a broken

wrist when

he was 10

at 16

Tim joined

the cross

country team

and ran

until his

lungs hurt

more than

his bruises

or scars

even though

he was

only the

fourth fastest

on the

team he

was happier

than we

had ever

seen him

on the

day his

dad died

from a


heart attack

he ran

15 miles

without stopping


the whole







was 18

when she

went to

have her

left breast


the artist

got to

cup her boob

for better

than an

hour which

she knew

he loved

finishing the

outline he

said he

needed a

break and

she waited

20 minutes

before knocking

on the

bathroom door

she found him

dead with

a needle still

in his arm

a month later

when she


back to

have it



remembered that

she called

the ambulance

and did CPR

so they

finished it

free and


not to

leave the


this time

until it
was done.



Matthew Borczon is a writer from Erie, Pa. He publishes widely in the small press. His book A Clock of Human bones won the Yellow Chair reviews chap book contest in 2015. His next book Ghost Train will be published by Weasel press in mid 2017. His online work can be found at Dead Snakes, The Bees are Dead, Dissident voice, The Hobo Camp Review, The Yellow Chair Review, Drunk in a Midnight Choir, Anti Heroin Chic, Revolution John, and many others. He has 4 kids 3 jobs and still finds time to write most every day.


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