Fuck the mail

fuck the time clock at work

fuck the front right

tire that is going flat on a 30

year old piece of shit.


Fuck the speed limit

fuck the grocery list

fuck the bum begging for

change to be dropped in his

piss-stained coffee can.


Fuck the brightness of day

fuck the darkness of night

fuck the gray area in between

where no one can seem to

get their shit together.


Fuck happy hour at the bar

fuck dinner served at 5

fuck the neighbors hiding in

their closet with needles in veins

and pistols cocked.


Fuck the rain on the grass

fuck the stars in the sky

fuck the sound of the

train rolling its thunder

across the nearby tracks.


Fuck all expectations

fuck all regrets

fuck everything I’ve

written tonight—

fuck me

fuck you

fuck this poem—




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