Neil Fulwood

Broken plastic casing and a scatter
of keys. Motherboards snapped.
A phone snatched up and pounded repeatedly
on the edge of a desk. Sheaves
of paper ferreted from confidential waste bins
and wadded beneath office furniture,
first-draft supplicants awaiting
the holy fire of a struck match.  Pray for us
now and in the hour of our HR meeting.
Drawers dragged from cabinets, contents dumped.
Plasma screens, boot-printed. Elastic bands
aimed from upper windows
at the fat arses of the hierarchy.
Join hands. Form the circle. Sumer is icumen in.  
Neil Fulwood’s poetry has been published in journals an ezines in the UK, US and Australia. He is co-editor, with David Sillitoe, of the anthology More Raw Material: work inspired by Alan Sillitoe. His first collection of poetry, No Avoiding It, is forthcoming from Shoestring Press in 2017.

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