Heath Brougher’s “Your Noisy Eyes” book Amazon.com NOW!

noisyeyes full Kindle1.10 1.22.17 - Heath Brougher.jpg

Got some exciting news.

The book I’ve been working on, is on  Amazon.com NOW!

ITS The ebook version.

The print version is not far behind.
It’s sure a labor of love. But finally finished it.

Also, in the near future I will have all the other chapbooks on Amazon for kindle ebook. So everyone can access and pickup your favorite poets chapbook.

Those who get a print version, will get a discounted or free ebook version . Still working on the details.

I can finally unleash them.

Also. I’m doing all of this work.

Creating and designing the book covers, editing , printing (mostly), making, formatting and converting to the Amazon Kindle versions.
All that stuff it takes to get a book made.

I do not have the expensive equipment that the big publishing company’s have to make their books. I hand make every single one of them.
So they will not look like a “regular ” book.
My hope is that they are different. That you tell a person has made them, not a machine.
There’s my blood, sweat, and tears into them.
I hope you can appreciate that.
It’s not about the bottom dollar.
I’m not in this to make profit.
I’m a registered not for profit company.
The profits, if any, will be passed to those who deserve it.
Mainly the poets and writers. The artist themselves.
This is for them, as much as its for you.

I shall try my best.

Remember to. ..

Stay Weird and Keep Writing!

Patrick Jordan

Your Head Weirdo.

(Keep an eye out for the updates.)


Your Noisy Eyes https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N4QNFB4/ref=cm_sw_r_apa_GaxHybMT8GMP6


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