Matt Borczon

Billy was




6 foot 2


235 pounds


of muscle


used to


want to


kick box


was a


black belt


and even


his teacher


was afraid


to fight


with him


we used


to drink


too much


and he


would drive


his blue


Camaro fast


and often


over sidewalks


he had


a tarantula


that was


so big


he fed


it mice


swear to


god I


watched it


eat one


once in


his bedroom


under a


black light




Billy moved


to Florida


to open


a karate


school and




in bars


so when


I heard


he hung




broken hearted


over a


girl he


was dating


I remember






even Billy


isn’t tough


enough for












she was

8 1/2 months


drinking a

rum and

coke she

was telling

a story

about a

private show

she did

and when

the guy

stiffed her

the money

he promised

she peed

in his

Stetson hat


later drunk

she tries

to tell

me she

can tell

I’m the


of guy

who gets

hot for


women you

like me

don’t you

she says

this about

4 different

times but

by then

I had

worked in

this strip

club so


that I

didn’t like


any more


not even










at 14


she already


knew how


to use


her body


to get




she wanted


which was


a big


biker with


long hair


who we


all watched


wrestle a


bear in


a ring


at the


Millcreek Mall


he was


10 years


older and


scared all


of us


except Robie


who wore


his jacked


rode the


back of


his bike


he knocked


her up


a couple


times but


never married


her then


left when


she got


old enough


to hang


onto the


baby weight


by 25


Robi was


alcoholic  unmarried


and unhappy


and when


she died


at 40


the biker


never came


to her








her kids




swept the


bottles out


of her




and moved









Matthew Borczon is a poet from Erie, Pa his book A Clock of Human bones is available through the yellow Chair review press, and Battle lines is available through Epic Rites Press. His next book Ghost train will come out in 2017 through Weasel press.







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