Send submissions to:


In the subject line put your name and the poem name,

Please put the titles of the POEMS in bold.

Limit 3-5 poems a week (please don’t send more than 5 a week.)

Add a bio please.

Also a picture of yourself if you want, or a picture that goes with your poem.

(Copyrights do apply.)


Guidelines—(Please follow them, that’s if you want to get published, HAHO)

We are currently accepting submissions.

We are looking for POETRY. They need to be original. No discrimination please.

Our theme is “Dirty Realism.” Let me stress that. DIRTY REALISM. (If you are not familiar with the term, please look it up.)

We like to see the underbelly of society. The dark and dirty parts. Counter-culture type poems.

“Dirty Realism is the fiction of a new generation of American authors. They write about the underbelly-side of contemporary life – a deserted husband, an unwed mother, a car thief, a pickpocket, a drug addict – but they write about it with a disturbing detachment, at times verging on comedy. Understated, ironic, sometimes savage, but insistently compassionate, these stories constitute a new voice in fiction.” –Buford

You can almost say anything. Cusswords-bring them on. Taboo subjects, yes please.

JUST NO EROTICA PLEASE. And NO HORROR OR ZOMBIE Shit please. Unless the zombies are junkies. HA

Besides the online publication, a few times a year we print Chapbooks. There are no certain dates. Usually every 4 months.If we get enough quality poems it will be sooner. Be sure to follow this website for updates. Or go to our Facebook group and/or our Father Facebook group, “Notes From The Edge” for updates on deadlines.

Email us and see if you got what we like.

We will try to email you to let you know if we accepted your writing. But it’s not a guarantee. Double check the website weekly in case we couldn’t inform you.

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