Thomas M. McDade



The Spectator


Carla used to watch us

fuck her girlfriend Laurie

who was about the only female

our age not in love

with Carla’s brother Rocco.

Laurie had a guy named Jerry’s

initials carved in each thigh

with glass although she’d only

had him once before his girlfriend

got wind and slapped her around.

We’d all been on our knees begging

Carla for some pussy

and she was so fine a whiff

would have been something

to cherish forever.

But she kept it to herself

and no one would get rough

knowing brother Rocco’s temper.

Pounding along the Jerry scripted

highway we always did our best

for Carla and were sure she treasured

her spectator days and used lessons

learned from one or all our lays

to win the Mafia guy she later married.

We never imagined any initials

on those thighs

that were too fine for us.

And we hoped the toy poodle

jumping around in her lap

when she waved from her new

red Cadillac convertible

didn’t mark them up any either.



Prince Charming


Lucas was the master when

I cooked second shift shoe soles

three ovens at a time

the year Winchester Cathedral

and Mellow Yellow were big

on the radio

I was the worst,

blistering the sons of bitches,

cutting hell out of my fingers

trimming the excess off the sheets.

Had not Lucas pitched in

I would not have lasted

the three weeks I did.

He’d have done the same

for anyone as clumsy I bet

but I figured us growing

up on the same street and all.

When I was a teen I heard

him tell his pal about a girl

he knew who had a snapper.

Just put it in and the rest

was automatic.

I reckoned that experience

was behind his terminal good cheer.

I pictured women slipping

on shoes equipped with his second

shift soles blessed on the spot

with that legendary action.



Thomas M. McDade is a former plumbing industry computer programmer residing in Fredericksburg, VA. McDade is twice a U.S. Navy Veteran.


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